General Conditions of Entry

Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning – MASP

Submissions in all categories may include completed projects carried out outside the Maltese Islands.

Registration and Payment must be made online. Entries will not be accepted without payment. Entrants will receive confirmation that their entry or entries have been successfully received via email once payment has been made. No other payment method will be accepted except at the discretion of the Planning Authority.

An entry may be submitted in a maximum of two categories as long as they meet the specific category description and criteria. Each category entry is a separate unique submission; independent of any other entry even if of the same work.

An entry fee of €120 for each project submitted will be charged for the first category submittal and €75 for an additional category submittal of the same project. Students submitting for category 7 will pay a fee of €25.

General online submission requirements should include:

  • The project entry name; site location and planning permit number (where applicable);
  • Name of Perit/architectural firm responsible for the design and implementation of the project; warrant number of the Perit;
  • An abstract of the project in English, describing the architect’s design concept intention, also supported by a statement outlining the purpose for which the project is intended and why the project is being submitted as an entry for the particular selected category. This statement should be concise and should not exceed 350 words
  • A brief history of the site and any planning constraints that had to be overcome or taken into account in achieving the final design.
  • A minimum of 10 photos (resolution 600dpi) of the completed project. The name of the entrant should not feature on the photos.
  • A maximum of 10 drawings, sketches, diagrams and photos (resolution 300dpi) showing the whole process of the project from concept to the final stage. The name of the entrant should not feature on the drawings or diagrams.
  • A minimum of 8 sets of photographs showing the before and after of different viewpoints of the site. The photos should be taken from similar angles.
  • Preferably, a three-dimensional digital representation or axonometric to indicate the new work and the original fabric.

These requirements are not necessary for the nomination of the President’s Award – Outstanding achievement for services related to Architecture and Spatial Planning 2020

Incomplete entries will not be accepted. No changes will be allowed by the submitter after the submission deadline.

Projects which have already been given a MASP award in previous editions may not be re-submitted.