Rehabilitation & Conservation Award

Rehabilitation & Conservation Award

MASP winner 2019

The winner in this category was the architecture firm MODEL for Aster House, Sliema. The project comprised a sensitive restoration of a townhouse built during the first half of the 20th century in the Art Nouveau style. The architect retained the original elements of the townhouse whilst intervening in a minimalist manner that respected the historical syntax of the building. Special attention was given to the catchment of natural light through a central skylight and skillful use of compatible materials. The project is even more commendable when considering the current development pressures in Sliema to demolish and re-develop such terraced houses into apartment blocks.

Architecture firm MODEL

Commendations were awarded to the following two projects.

1. Dr Edwin Mintoff of EM architects, for the restoration and rehabilitation of the British-period building, Dock Number 1 environs in Cospicua.

2. Architect Kenneth Zammit Endrich for the preservation and conversion of a traditional house in Rabat into a restaurant.

Dr Edwin Mintoff of EM architects

Architect Kenneth Zammit Endrich



First Commendation

Second Commendation