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Mixja Madwarna

Exploring Qrendi's rich architectural heritage

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From October 2023 to next May, the Planning Authority (PA) is organising a monthly educational walking tour called Mixja Madwarna centered around exploring the architectural heritage of one of Malta’s smallest villages – Qrendi.

The PA has been organising these monthly tours for over a decade – last year it was Bormla, and in past years, we explored Pietà, Floriana, Rabat, Żejtun, Valletta, amongst others.

During these walks, participants will gain valuable insights into the distinctive features found in Qrendi, including points of historical significance such as gardens, chapels, and other fascinating sites. A number of these sites are found in the locality’s Urban Conservation Area (UCA).

Urban Conservation Areas (UCAs) play a crucial role in preserving the character and historical significance of places such as Qrendi. These areas are defined as places of special architectural or historical interest that deserve protection and enhancement.

The tour will also feature projects financed by the Planning Authority either through its Irrestawra Darek scheme or the Development Planning Fund within the village. Knowledgeable PA experts specialised in heritage planning and conservation will guide the walks. The rural village of Qrendi, known for its motto ‘Tyrium Dirutas Servo Moles’ (‘I Conserve the Buildings of the Phoenicians’), holds a unique place in Malta’s history. During this walking tour, participants will encounter several remarkable sites that showcase the village’s heritage.

The tour will be held on a Sunday between 09:00 hrs and 12:30 hrs.