Architecture Photography Award

The award recognizes outstanding architectural photography of the built environment. The photographs should be able to communicate and capture the design and craftsmanship by showcasing and underline the spatial elements, light, shadows and surface textures of a building or structure’s exterior in a way that is significant, over and above the mere photographic composition. The architectural photography should play an important role in helping society better understand and appreciate architecture and its cultural significance.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Submissions can be made by a professional photographer or a person who practices the art of photography and is age 18 and over.
  • The building/structure in the photographs must be within the Maltese Islands, be external and not pre-date 1980.

Compulsory Entry Requirements

  • For any one entry, a photographer is obliged to submit a series of photos pertaining to a building/structure (minimum of five and up to a maximum of eight). The series of photos should depict the building/structure through numerous images. It is recommended that these photos pertain to frontal elevation, side elevation and the purpose/activity associated with the architecture, amongst others;
  • All submissions must be given a title;
  • Photographers may make reasonable use of digital darkroom techniques which enhance quality but do not distort the photograph. Any major alterations are not acceptable.
  • Each submitted needs to have a minimum width of 2000 pixels and include a 150 word description.
  • Images should be saved as jpegs at the highest quality available, with a colour profile attached.
  • The photographer must make a declaration that the submitted photographs was taken by the individual, who holds the rights for that image

Judging Criteria

  • Impact: In an era where people are inundated with imagery, does the set of photographs make the viewer stop and look closer? Does the image enhance or reinforce the quality of the design illustrated
  • Technique: is the subject in the photos proportionally correct? If elements of the composition are exaggerated or distorted, do they do so in a way to improve the photograph or detract from the photograph? Is the image in focus and sharp, or if the image is imperfect in a particular way, was it done in a controlled manner that adds to the aesthetic value of the image?
  • Lighting: Does the lighting used in the photographs work to highlight the subject or enhance the story the photograph is trying to tell? Whether the lighting is evocative and moody, light and bright, or highly technical, all are valid approaches when applied judiciously and appropriately.
  • Consistency: Are the photos consistent in terms of quality? Are there any clearly inferior photos that weaken the entire set, or is the series solid throughout? Not only is quality important, but in terms of colour, styling, exposure, and intent.
  • Overall impression: Is there an emotional reaction to the images, do they inspire, or fall flat? Are they capable of standing on their own without explanation?

MASP Awards 2021

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