Architecture Photography Award

The award recognizes outstanding architectural photography of the built environment. The photograph should be able to communicate and capture the look and feel of an architect’s work by showcasing the spatial elements, light, shadows and surface textures of a building or structure’s exterior. The architectural photography should play an important role in helping society better understand and appreciation architecture and its cultural significance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Submissions can be made by a professional photographer or keen amateur aged 18 and over.
  • With any entry, a photographer can submit a maximum of three different buildings/structures.
  • The building/structure in the photograph must be external and post 1960.

Compulsory Entry Requirements

  • All submitted photos must be the result of a single image. Photographers may make reasonable use of digital darkroom techniques which enhance quality but do not distort the photograph. Any major alterations are not acceptable.
  • Each submitted photo needs to include the name of the building/structure and a short description as to why you chose to photograph this particular building/structure.
  • Images should be saved as jpegs at 300 dpi and the photo can be in colour or monochrome.
  • The photographer must make a declaration that the submitted photos was taken by the individual and holds the rights for that image.
  • All submitted photos must be located within the Maltese Islands.

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