Emerging Architect Award

The Award recognises an individual young architect’s significant contribution to design excellence and advancement towards the architectural practice in an early stage of their architectural career.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Submissions can only be made by a local warranted Perit who has not more than ten years experience as a sole practitioner or within a firm of architects when submission for this year’s awards nominations close.
  • Projects have to be completed between January 2011 and September 2020.

Compulsory Entry Requirements

  • Submit a portfolio with a minimum of five projects. A minimum of one project must be completed and built. A maximum of two maybe work-in-progress; while a maximum of two projects can be a concept idea;
  • In all 5 projects, the Perit must clearly identify what measures are incorporated to reduce negative environmental impact and to enhance the positive social impact;
  • If a Perit is not the architect who signed off the approved project but was a key player in the design and implementation of the project, then the Perit will need to get written consent from the responsible architect or firm that he/she can submit the project under his/her name.
  • Drawings and photos are required as with all submitted projects.

MASP Awards 2021

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