Small Projects Winner 2023


Id-daħla tal-Palazz/Mafkar lil Antoine De Paule, San Anton Palace, Attard

Architect and Artist

Perit Andrew Sultana & Austin Camilleri

The strength of the concept, rooted in history, made this a unique project. The works rethinks the idea of a monument within a historic setting and is spurred by the architectural lines of the portico and the soul of the site itself. The project is well themed, bringing water into the picture as the crucial element of De Paule’s choice of site.  The monument is characterised by a rare delicate restraint, which is symbolic yet not overpowering and remarkably sensitive to a building of immense cultural grandeur and importance.

Special Commendation 2023


Courtyard House, Birkirkara


Perit Mark Cauchi, Perit James Dingli & Perit Robert Pace

This commendation was notable for its spatial configuration, with the sensible retention of the courtyard, albeit in a very small space. The primary focus was thus on preserving the courtyard’s role as a central visual focus and source of natural light and ventilation for the adjoining spaces, whilst retaining and adapting the existing built fabric to the requirements of a modern home. The designers managed to work on the one feature – the courtyard – which made an impact on the whole space, with striking interior elements, clever use of volumes and configuration.

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