Public Open Spaces Award

For projects which sought the creation or enhancement of public open spaces (eg. waterfronts, streets, squares and recreational open areas). Projects need to highlight how the open space achieved a quality design and successfully integrated elements of accessibility and connectivity, shelter/shade, landscaping, urban furniture and lighting.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Submissions can only be made by a local warranted Perit or a practising firm of architects;
  • The projects must have been approved by the Planning Authority after 1st January 2016 and built, completed and commissioned before the end of October 2021.

Compulsory Entry Requirements

  • Documentation of how the project has been appropriated by the community towards serving their need for public open spaces and enhancing their quality of life;
  • What innovative approach ways adopted to provide open space amenity;
  • What clear ‘energy-saving’ measures were taken to reduce the project’s overall environmental impact and how well were those measures carried out.
  • Photos of the open space in its wider context, showing how the project has positively contributed to its surroundings (before and after);
  • Photos of the completed project.

MASP Awards 2021

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